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Hardship case / semester ticket refund

– Application for the refund of the semester ticket fee
– Application for the refund of the semester ticket
Affidavit of material benefits
Affidavit for spouses

You can submit the completed and signed application for the semester ticket refund in person at the AStA office, by e-mail to or by post (Semesterticketrückerstattung – AStA der Universität Lüneburg – Universitätsallee 1 – 21335 Lüneburg).

Reimbursement of costs

Cost reimbursement application with supplementary sheet on sustainability (as at: 01.10.2021)

Reader on sustainability to be observed for cost reimbursement applications (as at: 01.07.2021)

Contract award(as of 30/09/2020)
Distance compensation [Fahrtkosten] (as at: 01.10.2021)
Reimbursement of election campaign costs (as at: 27.04.2022)
Form for internal transfer posting (as of 12/06/2019)
Fee agreement (as at: 27.06.2019)

If invoices are to be paid directly by the Finance Department, the authorized signatories must confirm that they are “factually and arithmetically correct”. For this purpose, it is sufficient to legibly write “factually and arithmetically correct” on the invoice, including the cost center number, the date, and signature.

Written late payment notices should be avoided! If you receive such a notice, it must be submitted to the Finance Department together with the original invoice and a statement explaining how it came to this situation.

Grants / subsidies
If the Finance Department is to post grants / subsidies to a cost center, this must be announced separately so that the Finance Department can file this in the sense of double-entry bookkeeping.
Announcement of grants / subsidies (as of 30/09/2020)

Carrying over of budget into the next fiscal year
According to the financial regulations, a maximum of 50% of the budget allocation plus own revenues can be carried forward; however, the maximum is the remaining budget. From this regulation, the finance committee of the students’ parliament, in agreement with the finance officer, can determine for which cost centers the residual budget can be fully carried over. To apply for a complete transfer, a detailed explanation of what is planned with these financial resources is required.
Request for budget carryover (as of 21/06/2021)

Instructions for authorized signatories
Principles for authorized signatories of cost centers in the student budget (as of 20/06/2019)
Overview of the group of persons who can be authorized signatories (as of 24/06/2021)