Last updated 17. January 2024 | Webmaster

We, the anti-racism initiative (AntiRa) of the AStA, are committed to the deconstruction of racism and discrimination in everyday life and institutions. For us, this includes making racist and discriminatory structures visible – also in the university context – and raising social awareness of the existence of such structures. We want to support institutions and people who are working to reduce racism and discrimination. We also want to critically reflect on our own perspective and actions in our system or encourage other people to deal with societal and structural discrimination.

We work closely together as a group, valuing exchange and thus try to organize public lectures or the support of diverse events possible.

We want to actively shape university life and thus contribute to a tolerant and sensitized society and student body. We are always happy to hear new people’s ideas and suggestions.

Only recently we have also built a bookcase with a small anti-racist library. It is located in the MuFuZi, and will be filled with good literature! Feel free to come by and browse or borrow a book! Here you can check out the list