Last updated 24. April 2024 | Sprecherinnen

Many students experience financial challenges during their studies that cannot be overcome by taking on a part-time job.

A helpful way to receive support during your studies is a scholarship!

If you’re thinking: “Scholarships are only for nerds”, then we can take that worry away.
Foundations and other scholarship providers do not only look at your grade point average. Social and voluntary commitment, as well as your financial and educational background, can also play a role in the decisions.

That’s why it’s always worth applying – there’s nothing worse than a rejection.

We have compiled an overview of common scholarships. Here we would like to give you some information about the 13 major scholarship organizations and the Deutschlandstipendium. There is also a huge range of other foundations and scholarship holders!

Have fun finding out more & good luck with your application!

Here you will find an overview of numerous scholarships (as of Dec 2023), with further links and information.