HoPo Society

Last updated 14. June 2024 | HoPo

We are Carlotta and Max and the two speakers for the HoPo-Society. You can find out exactly what that means below.

What is the HoPo society?

The society for University Politics, or HoPo society for short, is a fairly new structural department within the AStA.

What do we do?

We take care of everything that has to do with university politics, both directly at the university here in Lüneburg but also beyond that in the state and nationwide student associations.
For example, we try to structure and coordinate the work in the many committees at the university and are currently developing a strategy against the lack of volunteers in the student body.
We also represent the AStA at the Lower Saxony State Student Conference and in the Free Association of Student Unions (fzs).
In addition, we organize educational events and are there for you with all questions and requests concerning university politics!

You can find us here:

Do you have specific wishes or questions about the HoPo and committee jungle at the university? Or would you like to know where and how you can best get involved in student affairs? Feel free to contact us at any time by email at .