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What is the QuARG?

QuARG stands for Queer, Awareness, Equal Rights, and Gender Matters. We are interested in everything around gender and sexuality. For us, this includes homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality, asexuality, intersexuality, and trans*identity, as well as feminism, sexism, and queerness. One focus of our work is political education. We advocate for equal rights, want to make discrimination, and privilege visible, and strive to counteract discrimination. We also use our mandate in the General Students’ Committee (AStA) for exactly this purpose.

What do we do?

The QuARG does very different things: We are contact persons for all students who have something on their mind and want to turn to us. Everyone is welcome to join us at any time. We organize a colorful bouquet of events in our thematic area; these can be lectures, workshops, film screenings, actions on campus, and much more. New ideas are always welcome. Every winter semester we participate in the organization of the Aktionstage gesellschaft.macht.geschlecht of the fzs (freier zusammenschluss von student*innenschaften), in which events such as poetry slams, workshops, readings, discussion rounds, and the like are organized every year on a specific topic. In the winter semester, we as QuARG organize the Queer Lecture Series. The Queer Lecture Series is our largest series of events, and each summer semester we aim to contribute to the visibility and awareness of queer issues among students at our university. Due to the current Corona situation, we were forced to rethink: instead of having the events take place in the lecture halls and seminar rooms of the university and planning actions on campus like the last years, we have now turned the Queer Lecture Series into a digital format.

In addition, we as a society organize cozy evenings, such as our regular QuARG evening, to simply spend a nice time together, play a few games in a nice circle, and exchange ideas with each other. Here, too, anyone who wants to can drop by and join in.

Where can you find us?

You can always contact us via email: . You can also find us on our website, Facebook and Instagram, where we will be happy to keep you up to date on all the latest news and especially the upcoming get-together. You are always welcome, so feel free to drop by!