PFUI – Policy Unit

Last updated 1. April 2024 | Webmaster

What do we do?

Sustainability and justice can only be thought of together and can only have an impact across the entire spectrum from the local to the global. That’s why we try to work as diverse as possible. We deal with local issues of the university and the city, but also with all kinds of other things – up to the big questions of our time!

Our task as a society of the AStA is first and foremost to promote political education on campus. We want to promote the exchange between students and encourage discussions. To this end, we focus on topics that interest us.

We are independent of parties and lists, we support the political course of the AStA as legitimized by the student parliament, but we are largely free in terms of the concrete design of our work. We want to contribute to a more sustainable and just society of tomorrow and see ourselves as a representation of the student body, as part of the AStA, and as an incubator for ideas – from political education to empowerment to transformative action.

How do we function?

As part of the Politics Society you can freely realize your ideas. You also have a place to exchange ideas with others! We are able to use a part of the AStA’s budget which we can finance our events and other projects that we like with! We generally operate without hierarchies. Everyone has the right to contribute as much as they like.

If you have a concrete idea for an action or event, you can always contact us – even if you have never been to a meeting! We are always happy to have you! So feel free to send us an email to .

In the past we published a weekly event calendar with information about different events in Lüneburg and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, this is currently on hold. Use the calendar of Lebendiges Lüneburg if you want to stay informed!