Call for Applications for the Coming Semester

Last updated 15. February 2024 | Alternative Lehre

Dear students! The Autonome Lehre is the place for autonomous and critical education! Here you have the opportunity to create and experience teaching yourself, but also to educate yourself and others. The Autonome Lehre will take place again in the coming semester – this time without a central theme.

In the autonomous courses, students are offered the opportunity to deepen topics that are perhaps not sufficiently covered in teaching or are to be considered from a perspective that does not occur in the university mainstream. The Autonome Lehre is a framework organized by the AStA in which students of all subjects can take their education into their own hands. The goal is to enable critical self-education in order to give the student body the opportunity for autonomous teaching and learning. Away from the pressure to perform and the pressure of exams, marginal, but therefore not less important perspectives, which have no place in regular teaching, can also be taken into account here.

The Autonome Lehre is taking place for the eightteenth time this semester and the experience of the past semesters has shown that it is precisely the seminars and events here that enable a sustained engagement with theory and from which one can draw with the most.
Through the equal discussion between the tutor and the participants, all people involved can broaden their perspective and gain new views. Because there is no coercion or pressure, purely interest-driven education can be experienced. Let’s take our education into our own hands and become proactive and creative!

We are now looking for committed students who would like to give autonomous courses on exciting and current topics. The form of the event, whether it is offered alone or with others and how often it should take place, as well as the format – you decide.

In order to offer an alternative to the often rushed teaching schedule and to create the opportunity to learn and discuss content collaboratively and at eye level, we would like to create a good framework and set up a versatile autonomous teaching program. We will take care of the organizational work for rooms, schedules, advertising of the teaching program, etc. For your time and effort you will receive a compensation, which is based on the current AStA hourly rate and takes into account up to two teachers as well as preparation and follow-up time. We also cover the costs for material – so you can concentrate on your content!

So, apply with your seminar proposal and promote the critical engagement with relevant content at the university! The events can be offered by all students of the university, as long as the concept is coherent. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Application deadline is March 10.


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