SemesterTicket Refunds

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Notice: Due to the current transition phase from the state-wide semester ticket to the Deutschlandticket, applications can currently only be accepted for the summer semester 2024. Please do not submit applications for the winter semester 2024/2025 until October 2024. Thank you!

You can find that on this page:

Hardship cases

For students who cannot afford or use their SemesterTicket, it is possible to claim a refund out of the student budget. The following cases of hardship apply:

In the current summer semester (2024), applications can only be submitted for the following reasons: 

  1. care of relative(s)
  2. care of children with severe disability
  3. health reasons 
  4. maternity leave

You can find the application and the hardship regulation here.

– The semester ticket must be sent in for validation at the latest after the hardship application has been accepted.

The money for the Semester Ticket can only be refunded if at least one case of hardship applies. Exceptions are unfortunately not possible. Please make sure that you submit your applications on time and in full and, if necessary, meet the 14-day deadline for submitting additional documents. Otherwise your applications cannot be considered!

Refund deadlines

Application deadlines for the SemesterTicket are 30 November for the winter semester and 31 May for the summer semester. (For the reasons for reimbursement 3. “Caring for relatives and legal guardians of severely disabled children”, 5. “Health” and 6. “Maternity leave”, there are extended deadlines until 31 March [WiSe] and 30 September [SoSe]. More details can be found in the hardship provision).

If you have any questions about the hardship application, please contact our semester ticket refund service by email.

Further downloads on the subject of semester ticket refunds:

– Application for the refund of the semester ticket fee
– Application for the refund of the semester ticket
Affidavit of material benefits
Affidavit for spouses

Please submit the completed and signed application for the semester ticket refund via e-mail to .

9 € ticket refund

All students who have paid their semester fee in the summer semester 2022 can have the overpaid money refunded until 31.12.2025 (except for Students of the Professional School and students who have received a refund by other means).

More information here.