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Does society construct gender?

What challenges does modern feminism face?

Who do we include with our behavior, who do we exclude?

How can diversity work in our society?

Together with many other groups and individuals, the AStA confronts these and many other questions with scientific, cultural, journalistic, and poetic answers in the annual action days “gesellschaft.macht.geschlecht”. With this, we participate in the nationwide campaign “gesellschaft.macht.geschlecht”, which is proclaimed by the fzs (federation of student bodies).

This year, the action days will take place in Lüneburg from November 11 to November 23 under the theme “What kind of feminism do we want?”. Here’s what the program looks like at a glance:

Here is the program again including the descriptions of the events:

Monday, 11/11 at 18:30 in C HS4: Graphic Novel Reading “Rosa” for the Opening

First, there will be a joint introduction to the action weeks gesellschaft.macht.geschlecht and an introduction to this year’s theme “What kind of feminism do we want?”
This will be followed by a reading from the graphic novel “Rosa” by Kate Evans.
Kate Evans tells the life story of revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg through pictures. It provides an understanding of women’s struggles in the early 20th century and gives insight into Luxenburg’s works in which she criticized capitalism and propagated the path of revolution! The voices are brought to life by five young people.

Tuesday, 12/11 at 4 p.m. at Checkpoint Queer: Workshop “Armed for Coming Storms – Resilience for LGBTIQ*” with Daniel Masch.

Resilience is the competence to not let psychological stress and injuries get us down, to react well to existing situations, and to recover from setbacks more easily. The level of training we have in resilience varies greatly from individual to individual. For LGBTIQ* individuals, discrimination, rejection, attacks, or oppression can play a role in addition to general stressors. Such experiences can lead to hopelessness and feelings of powerlessness. The workshop is designed to help people better understand resilience and find individual ways to increase their own resilience. Participants will receive a handout and worksheets to use for further exploration of the topic.

Wednesday, 13/11 at 4 p.m. in the AStA MuFuZi: Workshop “Feminist Embroidery” with Fee Kunze

n a cozy atmosphere Fee Kunze shares her whiteness in embroidering feminist motifs.
The workshop takes place in cooperation with the Kulturbüro Lüneburg.

Thursday, 14/11 at 8 pm at mosaique – House of Cultures: Poetry Slam

This year there will be an extraordinary poetry slam about society, power, gender, homophobia, and sexism at mosaique!
We are very happy that slammer khaaro from Hamburg will be our guest and will open the program. After that it’s: Clear the stage for up-and-coming artists! The slam will be moderated by the wonderful Isabelle Ankauf von Gold. Look forward to a colorful evening!

Monday, 18/11 at 18:15 in C 3.120: Workshop “Intersectionality using the example of the worker child debate” with Mai-Anh Boger.

In this workshop/lecture, Mai-Anh Boger will use the example of the debates around the so-called ‘working-class child’ to show what it means to take intersectionality seriously as a methodological challenge. How do concepts such as that of the ‘working-class child’ change through intersectional objections? How does this affect not only theorizing but also policy practice?

Tuesday, 19/11 at 4 p.m. in C 40.154: Workshop “Sexual identity and gender diversity – dealing with it in work with youth” with SCHLAU Lüneburg e.V.

Youth is a very formative time for many queer people and still too often associated with discrimination and exclusion. Unfortunately, this topic is very rarely addressed in the classroom and in youth work. SCHLAU Lüneburg e.V. has therefore been giving workshops in schools on the topics of gender and sexual diversity for years.
This workshop is generally aimed at people who (will) work with children and young people, whether as teachers in schools or in child and youth work or somewhere else entirely. The workshop will deepen knowledge about queer life realities and then provide a space to discuss possible applications in the work.

Wednesday, 20/11 at 7 pm at Scala: “Normal”.

The visually powerful film “Normal” deals with rigid gender roles and the subjection of many people to the dictates of normativity. Where does socially anchored ‘masculinity’ actually arise? How does our biological gender affect our upbringing?
These and other questions are critically examined in Adele Tulli’s award-winning work “Normal”.

Italy | 2019 | 70 minutes | Documentary | Director: Adele Tulli

Thursday, 21/11 at 7 pm in CHS4: roundtable discussion between activists* “Feminismus for the 99%”.

In this roundtable discussion, the manifesto “Feminismus for the 99%” by philosophers Cinzia Arruza and Nancy Fraser, and historian Tithi Bhattacharya will be the main topic.
Feminists and activists from the region are invited to join us to talk about their commitment to a more (gender) just world.

“Feminismus for the 99% – A Manifesto.”
The three authors describe the vision of anti-capitalist feminism that fights for a more just society. They explain why feminists should choose the path of women’s strikes, why they should ally with other anti-capitalist and anti-systemic movements, and why the feminist movement must become that of feminism for the 99 percent.

Friday, 11/22 at 4pm in C9.102: Workshop “Geni(t)ale Diversity” with Agi Malach from BiKo Berlin.

People have diverse bodies and genitalia – vulvas, clitDicks, penises, and more! Normalizing representations, missing images (e.g. of the clitoris) and gaps in knowledge can influence our perception of genital diversity. How were we educated back then? What were we missing? – Exchange and input by Agi Malach.

Agi Malach works in Berlin as a sex educator at BiKoBerlin and founded the label VULViNCHEN in 2015 as a sex-positive feminist.

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