Individual positions

Last updated 1. April 2024 | Webmaster

I am Ida (she/you) am studying LBS in the Master’s program and have been the BAföG, financing and social advisor at the AStA since November 2020.

I recently became a mom and am currently working from home. I am your contact person for e.g. (BAföG) applications, questions about BAföG or your social insurance etc.. You can come to me with any questions – I offer advice via video consultation, by phone and by email. You can find my contact details here.

Heike (she/he)
I have a half-time position in the finance department and am responsible for the AStA’s bookkeeping. This basically includes all areas of the AStA where money is involved. Payroll accounting is a large area, as the AStA employs around 40 people.
I have lived in Lüneburg for about 10 years and found out about this job here 9 years ago. I feel comfortable here and am open to all questions.
Come by or send us an e-mail.

Lara (her/him)
I am in my 7th semester and am studying law with the minor Studium Individuale. I have been supporting Heike in accounting since my first semester and mainly take care of incoming invoices and reimbursements from AStA departments, student councils and initiatives.

Finn (he/him)
Hi, I’m Finn and I’m in my 5th semester studying law with a minor in political science.
I am responsible for the financial matters of the AStA and accordingly prepare our business plans, among other things.
It is important to me to be approachable for you. If you have any questions about student finances, please contact us here.

I am Leonie (she/her) and since November 23 officially webmaster! How did I ended up here? I would say a bit of persuasion, a good amount of time to think things over and a keen interest in IT and software. Even if I’m actually doing it incognito, because I’m majoring in GESS…

If you have any questions/comments about the website, problems with your @asta-lueneburg email addresses, or things like that, please contact us by email at any time!

I’m Josi (she/her), I’m in my third semester of GESS with a minor in Psychology and Society and I’m the new Representative for Quality Management in Studies and Teaching.

This position builds a bridge between the AStA and the Quality Management team and deals with topics relating to the quality development of studies and teaching at our university. It is important to me to bring in your perspectives in as many places as possible.

I am happy to be the contact person for problems, questions or suggestions relating to quality management, examinations, modules or similar. Just send me an e-mail. You can find current dates here.