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Our committees

Students and members of the Student*innenparlament (Student Parliament) discuss many topics in committees before they are dealt with in the plenary session. If you would like to become a member of a committee, please contact the chair team by mail or in person! We are looking forward to your work.

01 Central Committee

The central committee deals with the regulations and guidelines of the student body and discusses all printed matters that do not fall under the responsibility of a committee.

Chairperson of the commitee is Jessika Witmer
deputy chairperson is Johannes Krüger


02 Finance Commitee

The finance commitee prepares the student budget. It also discusses project funding applications from student initiatives and subject groups.

Chairperson is Johannes Gehring


03 Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee manages the StuPa’s webpages as well as internal and public communication. It also deals with corporate design and its application.

Chairperson is Julia Gerlach
deputy chairperson is Sasha Lehmann


04 Sustainability Committee

The sustainability committee discusses all topics related to a sustainable campus. This includes the sustainability regulations.

Chairperson is Rebecca Kehagias


05 Social Affairs, Anti-Fascism, and Anti-Discrimination

This committee discusses all issues that touch on social disadvantage, humiliation, stigmatization, discrimination, fascism, and defamation.

Chairperson is Luke Becker
deputy chairperson is Tomke Appeldorn

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06 Digitization Committee

The DiggA discusses all topics concerning digitalization in the student body. Here, among other things, our member in the steering committee reports on the introduction of a new campus management software.

Chairperson is Luca Thieme
deputy chairperson is Julius Schwarze