AStA Living Room

Last updated 14. July 2021 | Webmaster

The AStA Living Room (AStA-Wohnzimmer, WoZi for short) is a society of the AStA of the University of Lüneburg and tries to enrich the cultural life on campus through musical offers such as concerts and jams but also readings or similar. The WoZi is a non-commercial free space managed by students voluntarily. For us, this means that the space is available to everyone during lecture hours or by arrangement outside of lecture hours, but we appeal to the users to act responsibly. Artists committed people and students should be given the opportunity to get involved in different ways, for example by organizing their own events or events in cooperation with the WoZi team.
The WoZi team distances itself and space from any form of discrimination such as sexism, racism, homophobia […] and tries to act as inclusive as possible. We want every student to feel comfortable in WoZi and at WoZi events.