Statements and Press Releases

Last updated 16. July 2024 | Sprecherinnen


08/03/2024: Statement on the newsletter announcement of the event “Palästina und Israel – zwischen Misstrauen und Miteinander – eine andere deutsche Perspektive”
07/03/2024: Joint statement by the AStA and the Education Student Council on the abuse network and the role of a Leuphana professor
16/01/2021: AStA Statement on the increase of the semester fee SoSe 2021 and student financing – German/English
08/12/2020: AStA, QuARG, Checkpoint Queer e.V., Feminist March 8 Alliance Lüneburg statement on transphobia
06/04/2014: AStA/StuPa statement on the central building
26/09/2018: AStA/StuPa statement on the Hambach Forest

Press Releases

02.07.2024: Cancellation of the dies academicus
27.06.2024: No AfD on campus
13.05.2024: Measures to relieve the burden on students
07.05.2024: Assessment of anti-Semitism
11.04.2024: High rents make access to higher education more difficult
28.11.2023: Student perception of the Germany semester ticket
15.11.2023: Labour strike at the University of Lüneburg
23.10.2023: Rush on the AStA’s bed exchange
18.10.2023: (No) housing for students in Lüneburg
07/05/2021: Announcement of an auditory historic campus tour on the occasion of the 08th May 2021
25/01/2021: Letter to the Minister of Science and Culture
02/10/2019: Press release on the announcement of the ZG final bill
19/06/2019: Press release on Spoun’s application in Göttingen
06/09/2018: Press release on the new board of the fzs
05/09/2018: Press release on student housing shortage
09/03/2017: Press release on the opening of the Audimax


16/01/2019: Demand for the advertisement of the position of the president.
16/01/2019: Criticism of the presidency of Sascha Spoun