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AStA – Sound and Light event equipment hire

Professional equipment at student prices: Planning a party, concert, or just another event where you need sound and lighting equipment? We offer high-quality equipment at student prices and are also happy to take care of the professional supervision and production of your event.

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We offer equipment from turntables to light effects, live PA from microphones to monitor boxes, and fog machines. To make your choice easier, we have put together some complete packages in our price list. This is particularly helpful if you don’t have much experience with technical devices and guarantees a price advantage compared to renting individual devices.

You can find our current price list here: PRICE LIST

Attention: You can get the Bluetooth SoundBoks from the material rental at the AStA office!


Ton und Licht’s service ranges from simple rentals to consulting and planning, to technical implementation or full production of the event on-site. Our technician hourly rate is 20.00 EUR/hour. Some service offerings are also offered at a flat rate or as part of our complete packages.


In principle, the borrower (i.e. you) is responsible for any damage to the rented equipment during the rental period. To limit your risk, our equipment is insured in case of a defect during the event. The maximum insurance amount for events on the university campus is 20,000€, outside of the campus it is 4,000 EUR with a deductible in the event of damage of up to 250.00 EUR or 25% of the rental value for the borrower.


We do not have regular opening hours. Inquiries and reservations are made exclusively via our contact form or via email. If the requested equipment is available on the requested date, we will reserve the equipment of your choice. Please submit rental requests one week before the event date if possible.

Procedure of the loan process

  1. The loan request is made by e-mail or via our contact form (see below). Please tell us as exactly as possiblewhat you would like to borrow so that we can prepare the equipment.
  2. We will then arrange a pick-up date.
  3. Please note the following for the pick-up dateat room C9.117a:
    1. Remember the 150€ cash deposit!
    2. Think about how you will get the equipment to the site.
  4. Please bear the following in mind when you return your bike (which we usually arrange when you collect it):
    1. The technology must be complete and clean, cables must be wound correctly. Attention: All test seals on cables and devices must not be removed!
    2. Let us know whether you want to pay in cash or pay the bill later by bank transfer. In the case of cash payment, we will offset the deposit paid in advance against the invoice amount.


Price List

Click here to download, or scroll down for the embedded PDF.