Last updated 14. July 2021 | Webmaster

Hey! The Archipel is back, but with a new cast. The Archipel stands for Autonomous society for Chronic Illness, Handicaps and Inclusion, Mental Illness, Empowerment, and Learning Disabilities (in German it says Autonomes Referat für Chronische Erkrankungen, Handicaps und Inklusion, Psychische Erkrankungen, Empowerment und Lernbeeinträchtigungen)..

We are aimed at anyone who has a desire to be involved in the inclusive everyday study. Are you studying with physical disabilities, chronic and/or mental illness, or learning disabilities? Would you like to exchange ideas with other students with similar experiences? Or you are interested in the different topics of the Archipel and would like to broaden your perspective? Our mission is to address disadvantages, create an atmosphere of collaborative helping, and make the university a place where people in all health conditions can study appropriately.

We aim to de-taboo the topic of impairments by providing information about various forms of illness. There are many ways to participate: from organizing your lecture series and workshops to relaxed exchanges, everything is possible. Since we are just re-forming the Archipel, all doors are open for you to contribute your ideas.

You want to chat, participate, have questions or suggestions? Then feel free to write us () or check out our social media channels.

We look forward to hearing from you!

P.S.: Do you already know the advice center “Studium-Barriere”? There you can find support and advice on specific questions about studying with restrictions. Just have a look here (