Room Bookings

Last updated 8. May 2024 | Buero

As a student at Leuphana, you can rent various rooms that the AStA can make available. Among them:

Multifunctional room (MuFuZi), Building 9

The MuFuZi in building 9 (next to Plan B) can be rented. The room is always open, but if you want to make sure that it is free for your group meeting/initiative meeting/games night/whatever, then either come to the AStA office or write an e-mail to book the room. This is of course free of charge.

You can also reserve the MuFuZi for other evening events, in which case the office team will collect a deposit in advance.

AStA living room (WoZi), Building 9

During the day, the WoZi offers the ideal retreat from the stressful everyday life due to the many sofas, but in the evening it can be transformed into a venue for concerts or the like due to the built-in stage. Evenings to get to know each other or to play games are also held there often.

The living room is basically open and can be used as a retreat or a space for group work. You can book the WoZi for events or get-togethers with the office team at , but you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are a registered student
  • The event is open to the (university) public
  • The living room is still free on this date (you can also check this yourself on mystudy and rooms)
  • You charge a maximum entry fee of 4€
  • For music events, organizers have to take care of the GEMA and the technical equipment and have to pay for it themselves.

For events in the Wozi, it is also possible to purchase drinks from the AStA. After the event, you only pay for the drinks that were sold. Feel free to drop by the office or write to us at for the procedure. This is the current price list:

Of course, renting the WoZi is also free of charge. For larger events, however, we charge a deposit. All other conditions can be found here: Contract living room; Terms of use living room

Pavillon Rotes Feld

The pavilion is not available for rent for an indefinite period.

The AStA manages the pavilion at the Rotes Feld location for the student body (and other university members). Maybe you have already been there and played a round of table soccer after a canteen meal or danced at one of the events in the evening.

Of course, you can also use the pavilion for events!

Send us a reservation request early to to book your desired date. Just come to the AStA office in time during opening hours and sign all necessary forms. For a deposit of 50€, you will get the key shortly before the event.

As long as the pavilion is left clean and tidy, there are no further costs.

Important: The pavilion can ONLY be booked by students or employees of the University of Lüneburg. The pavilion is exclusivelyintended for university-related events – that means private parties are not allowed there!