Mental Health Working Group

Last updated 9. January 2024 | Sprecherinnen

We would like to introduce our new working group: the Mental Health Working Group .

What are the goals of the AK? What are our plans for the future? And who are we anyway?

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So, hello for now! 🤗

In the following weeks, we will create a newsletter on various topics as part of this working group and publish it via our email newsletter and Telegram channel.

👉 MyStudy newsletter

👉 Telegram channel

The newsletter deals with topics relating to mental health. Each newsletter deals with a different sub-topic: from the pressure to perform at university to mental illness and self-care, we try to cover a wide range of topics.

❗️ Important information about the newsletter:

  • The AK Mental Health consists of students. We are in no way experts, but merely share the results of our own research, refer to contact points and include experience reports.
  • The resulting newsletters are not intended to be exhaustive, nor do they represent an alternative to professional advice.
  • A trigger warning is issued at the beginning of each newsletter. This means that content that could potentially have a retraumatizing effect is named. This should enable affected people to react accordingly.
  • You will also find first points of contact and emergency contacts below.

We hope to provide you with helpful tips on the topic of mental health in the coming months and look forward to any feedback, criticism and further ideas!

We are also always happy to welcome new faces to the working group – if you would like to join us, just get in touch.

Contact of the Legal Advice Team



First contact points

Studentenwerk: Psychotherapeutic counseling(

Telephone counseling: available 24 hours a day at (0800) 111 0 111 or (0800) 111 0 222

University: Student Advisory Service(

AStA: Study Minus Barrier(

In emergencies, please contact:

Psychiatric clinic (Portal), Am Wienebüttler Weg 1 (Lüneburg)

Tel. (04131) 601 16 00 or (04131) 601 16 22

Further contact points

Self-help contact point

Self-help for depression

Addiction counseling

Protestant/Catholic university chaplaincy


Women’s shelter

Telephone for children and young people

Telephone counseling

Social psychiatric service