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Information on examinations and examination conditions [As of December 18, 2023]

Here is an overview of the applicable rules.

To summarize:

1: Examinations take place in presence on campus. Online examination formats are possible under certain conditions.

2: Withdrawal is possible up to three working days before the examination date and is done via myCampus.

3: In the event of illness, the examination office and the examiner must be informed immediately and the corresponding withdrawal form must be submitted after the doctor’s visit.

4: All special regulations issued in the course of the coronavirus pandemic are no longer valid.

Responsible contact persons in the Examination Office

General regulations according to the Framework Examination Regulations (RPO)

Framework examination regulations for the Bachelor’s degree

Framework examination regulations for the teaching profession (Bachelor and Master)

Framework examination regulations for the Master’s degree

Sick leave

If you fall ill before an exam, you must inform the student services immediately. You then submit your certificate there.

The procedure for different forms of examination is described again here.

Withdrawal from exams

Until 30.09.2024:

If you have registered for the exam on the first date and now want to take the second date after all, you must cancel your registration for the exam up to three working days beforehand via myCampus. The exact withdrawal date is also indicated in myStudy and myCampus for the respective exam. Always make an up-to-date printout of your myCampus account for security reasons and as proof in case of problems.
The best way to do this is to take a screenshot of the page where the error occurs.
You should also receive email notification of your withdrawal.

After 30.09.2024:

The possibility of choosing between several examination dates will presumably no longer exist with the entry into force of the new framework examination regulations and the points on new examination periods.

The new regulations stipulate that the resit date can only be taken in the event of illness or failure to pass. Here too, registration is automatic and you don’t have to do anything else.

If you withdraw from an examination after 30.09.2024 within the withdrawal period, you will not be able to take the resit date. It is then only possible to take the exam again on the next regular examination date.

Withdrawal from written academic work without supervision (term paper) and combined academic work

Until 30.09.2024:

If you are registered for a term paper for the first deadline and do not want to hand it in on the first deadline, you can also deregister in myCampus. If there is a second date (not the case everywhere, check myStudy!), register for it in the next semester on myCampus. Clarify details with your examiners in advance!

In the case of combined scientific work, the examiner can determine that a withdrawal is not possible without giving reasons. You can read about this at myStudy. Then there is noformal way to withdraw from combined scientific work without giving reasons. If there is no exclusion of withdrawal, withdrawal is always possible online within the specified period (see myCamous).

After 30.09.2024:

From 30.09.2024, the new regulations on examination periods will no longer allow the second date to be taken without illness or failure. However, more detailed information on the regulations has not yet been published.

Compensation for disadvantages

If, for example, you are unable to take examinations in the intended format due to physical or mental limitations, you must be given an extended processing time or alternative format.

The same applies to care due to illness of close relatives of any kind!

The decision as to whether such compensation applies in your case is made by the responsible examination board.
Please contact the person responsible for you at the examination office as early as possible with the relevant documents/test certificates in order to have clarity by the examination date!
You can see who is responsible for you here.

You can find all information on compensation for disadvantages here.


Module examinations can be repeated up to two times if failed. If you fail the exam on the third attempt, you will no longer have the opportunity to take an exam in this module (an exception can be found under “One fourth attempt”).

A passed examination cannot be repeated.

Final examinations (Bachelor’s and Master’s theses) can be repeated once if they are not passed.

One-off fourth attempt

An examination may be repeated a fourth time once during the Bachelor’s degree program. You must register this additional attempt with the Examination Office before taking the examination again.

The additional attempt does not apply to Bachelor’s theses.

The additional attempt does not apply to Master’s students either.

You can find out who is responsible for you at the Examination Office here.

Exam inspection

After your exam results have been announced, you have the right to inspect your exam. Write to your examiner about this. If they refuse to grant you access, please contact the relevant examination board.

The period for inspection is one year after publication of the audit results.


If you have the feeling or the clear suspicion that an examination was not carried out formally correctly or in accordance with the requirements of the module, you have the opportunity to appeal against your examination.

An appeal is possible within one month of the announcement of the examination results. This must be submitted to the responsible examination board. Please note the assignment of the examination to the respective subject area and ask the examination office if in doubt.

An objection can be lodged on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. the examination procedure has not been carried out properlyn
  2. the valuation is based on incorrect facts
  3. generally applicable valuation principles have not been complied with
  4. a logically justified and justifiable solution has been assessed as incorrect
  5. the examiner was biased towards the candidate. you and this is clearly verifiable

If you have any doubts or legal questions, please contact the Examinations Office or our free legal advice service.

More information on your rights regarding exams

The Business, Economics and Management student council has published a very helpful guide to examinations in 2021. Remember that information in this reader may now be out of date! Feel free to take a look if you have any further questions, e.g. about contact persons or equal opportunities.

If you have specific questions, please come to the AStA office and we will try to help you as quickly as possible.

Digital examinations in accordance with the regulations for conducting online examinations

Digital examinations are only permitted if conducting them in person would be too cost-intensive, e.g. due to the different national or international locations of students and examiners, or if a digital examination format is planned as part of innovative teaching projects. An application must be submitted to the relevant Dean of Studies office.

Sample of the test environment

You must be given the opportunity to test the examination environment and its function in your home environment at least 4 weeks before the examination date.

Conducting online exams on campus or on university devices

If you do not have the possibility to take an online examination at home or your personal device is not able to do so, the university must provide you with a room and/or a device 15 working days before the examination date upon request. You submit the application to your examiner and to Student Services ()

Problems during the exams

If problems occur during the exam, try to remain calm for the time being. If it is a technical problem that you are not causing (i.e. you are deliberately sabotaging the test), the test will be interrupted and continued at a later time.

It is best to try to contact your examiners directly in another way and address the situation openly.

Rights for digital exams

The university has examined the current data protection regulations of the state and has come to the following conclusion:

  1. An attendance/identity check with ID card and student ID is generally permitted for online exams. However, only the examiner and the student may be in the Zoom room at any one time during the inspection. Other students are not allowed to see your ID cards!
  2. Further monitoring measures are not legally protected during an online exam!

A detailed guideline for conducting online examinations can be found here: Regulations for conducting online examinations.

Free legal advice

If you have any questions concerning exams, such as objections, etc., you can consult a lawyer at the free legal advice service of the AStA. You can register by signing up on the list in front of the AStA office or by mail or phone.

You can find more information here.

Further general information

Examinations Office:

For all questions you have regarding registration or deregistration of examinations, credits, and also objections, you must contact the examinations office. Your contact person is assigned to you according to the study program and last name.

Student and examination administration:

Student Service
Building 8, 2nd floor