AK Campus History

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We want to take you on an historic tour of our campus, which served as a barracks area for the Wehrmacht and there became a place of war crimes during the second world war. Through an audio tour of the area, we want to show you what this means exactly and where this history is still visible today. Plug in your earphones and go! Unfortunately, this podcast is currently only available in German.

Participants: AK Campusgeschichte of the AStA, namely: Adrian Wulf, Anna Dingler, Lena Trilsbeek, Lars-Ole Ellerbrock, Lisa Bolten, Maite Quensel, Silja Geest, Sasha Lehmann

You can either listen to this podcast directly here on our website, find it on Spotify, or get it on your favourite podcast catcher through this URL:https://www.asta-lueneburg.de/post/show/campusgeschichte/feed/mp3/

The working group also produced a critical commentary – On the love of ignorance. You can find it here.

Are you also interested in the history of our central building? You can find out more here.


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