Update 49€-Ticket

Last updated 26. May 2023 | Buero

Dear students,
Next week the time has come: The 49€ ticket will be launched. And now the good news: All students with a semester ticket only pay the difference to the regular semester ticket as an upgrade!
From 1 May, you can travel all over Germany by regional train for an additional €31 per month. You can easily book the upgrade as a subscription via the NITAG FahrPlaner app: https://www.niedersachsentarif.de/deutschland-ticket/semesterticket-upgrade. There you will also find all other important information about the area of validity, etc.

To buy a Germany ticket for May please use this link: https://www.transdev.de/de/abo-center-niedersachsentarif/abo-bestellung?ref=%C2%B6TRF%C2%B6%7B%22fareGrp%22%3A%22ZK%22,%22trvDate%22%3A20230501,%22orig%22%3A77777770,%22dest%22%3A77777771,%22relID%22%3A777777777%7D&path=~NDS~777777777_.50021806_

To buy a Germany ticket for June please use this link: https://www.transdev.de/de/abo-center-niedersachsentarif/abo-bestellung?ref=%C2%B6TRF%C2%B6%7B%22fareGrp%22%3A%22ZK%22,%22trvDate%22%3A20230601,%22orig%22%3A77777770,%22dest%22%3A77777771,%22relID%22%3A777777777%7D&path=~NDS~777777777_.50021806_