Mental Health

Last updated 25. April 2022 | Sprecherinnen

We would like to introduce our new working group: the Working Group Mental Health

What are the goals of this working group? What are our plans for the future? And who are we anyway? 

So: Hello first! 🤗

In the following weeks, we will create a newsletter on various topics as part of this working group and publish it via our mail newsletter and Telegram channel. 

👉 MyStudy-Newsletter

👉 Telegram Channel

The newsletter covers topics related to mental health. Each newsletter covers a different sub-topic – from pressure to perform in college to mental illness to self-care, we try to cover a wide range of topics.

❗️ Important info about the newsletter: 

  • The Working Group Mental Health consists of students. We are in no way experts, but only share results from our own research, refer to contact points and include reports of experiences. 
  • The resulting newsletter does not claim to be complete, nor does it represent an alternative to professional consulting. 
  • A trigger warning is issued at the beginning of each newsletter. This means that content is named that could possibly have a retraumatizing effect. This is intended to enable affected people to react accordingly.
  • In addition, you will find below first points of contact as well as contact for emergencies.

We hope to provide you with helpful hints around mental health in the coming months and welcome any feedback, criticism and further ideas!

We are also always happy to see new faces in the Working Group – if you want to join us, just get in touch.




First points of contact

Student Union (Studentenwerk): Psychotherapeutische Beratung

Telefone Consulting: 24 h erreichbar unter (0800) 111 0 111 oder (0800) 111 0 222 

University Study Consulting: Studienberatung

AStA (Studying with disabilities): Studium Minus Barriere

In emergencies please contact:

Psychiatrische Klinik (Portal), Am Wienebüttler Weg 1 (Lüneburg)

Tel. (04131) 601 16 00 oder (04131) 601 16 22 (Emergency Departement)

Further points of contact

Selbsthilfekontaktstelle (Self Help Contact Station)

Selbsthilfe bei Depressionen (Self Help in Case of Depression)

Suchtberatung (Addition Consulting)

Evangelische/Katholische Hochschulseelsorge (Evangelical/Catholic University Counseling)


Frauenhaus (Women’s Shelter)

Kinder- und Jugendtelefon (Kids and Youth Line)

Telefonseelsorge (Telefone Counseling)

Sozialpsychiatrischer Dienst (Social Psychiatrie Service)