What is KonRad?

KonRad offers an opportunity for students to fix their bikes in a well-equipped shop, either on their own or with some help. Additionally, you can buy spare parts or rent bikes as well as trailers.

Bike sale:
We do our best to always have some ready-to-use bikes for sale. Also, you always have the option to put together a completely new bike out of parts. Just come around if you are interested!

CORONA UPDATE 04/06/2021:

KonRad is open to the public again! These conditions apply as of now:

  • To enter the shop, you need to show a certificate of a negative covid test!
  • A self-test is not sufficient. The test must be from an external institution. You should therefore be able to provide a test certificate from the appropriate institution. These include for exmaple covid test centers, doctors or pharmacies.
  • Alternatively, you can provide a vaccination certificate. You need to be vaccinated twice and your last vaccination must have been more than 14 days ago.
  • You need to wear an FFP2 or surgical face mask at KonRad.
  • You can stay in our workshop for one hour. If noone else is waiting to use the workshop after you, you are free to stay longer. This way we ensure that as many people as possible can repair their bikes since our capacities are limited due to current restrictions.
  • Of course you need to continue to keep 1.5m distance from all people outside and inside the workshop.
  • Upon entering the workshop you need to fill out a contact form.
  • Please wear our disposable gloves in the workshop to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Currently, we have 3 instead of 2 workstations available. We have more space again!

Stay well and stay strong! We are looking forward to welcoming you,

your KonRadis