Spokespeople Collective

The AStA (General Students’ Committee) spokesperson collective currently consists of four spokespeople. That’s us: Carlotta, Julia, Silja and Johannes.

We were elected by the Student*innenparlament (StuPa) in June 2021 and our task is to represent the student body in its political, social, and cultural matters to the public and the various groups at the university. We regularly hold discussions with various people and groups at the university to find out about the latest developments for you and to advocate for your interests. We do this not only at the university, but also on the city, state, an fedearl level.

From left to right: Carlotta, Julia, Johannes & Silja.

We also network with other students’ unions. This happens on a state level at the LandesAstenKonferenz (LAK) and on a national level at the fzs (federation of student unions).

Our daily work mainly includes the organization, coordination, and administration of the AStA. We are employers of the numerous employees in the AStA and support the departments. Therefore, every Wednesday at 14:30 there is an AStA general meeting with all departments, in which current topics are discussed that mainly concern the AStA with its departments or the university in general. These meetings take place in the AStA meeting room and are open to the university. Interested people are therefore welcome at any time!

Besides, we realize political events and activities – often in cooperation with the societies and student initiatives of the university. Furthermore, we are responsible for organizing the annual freshers party and the AStA summer festival.

Generally speaking, we are therefore the interface between the student body and all other members of the university. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems. Most of the time we can help you directly, otherwise we know who to consult in order to help you.

Some more information about us:

Carlotta is 23 years old, comes from Hamburg and studies political science in the 6th semester. In our collective, Carlotta is mainly responsible for networking the various committees of our university. In addition, she represents us at the state and national level and was previously in the AStA representative for quality of studies and teaching.
Julia is 22 years old, comes from the beautiful south of Germany and studies GESS in the 6th semester. Julia focuses on internal networking, departmental work and sustainability issues in the AStA. As a former speaker of the Öko?-logisch! she has been active in the AStA for a long time.
Silja is 20 years old, comes from Essen and is in her 4th semester of cultural studies with a focus on cultural organization. Silja is our event manager and together with Julia responsible for our social media presence and public relations. Silja is also active in the AK Campus History.
Johannes is 22 years old, comes from Lübeck and studies political science in the 6th semester just like Carlotta. His main focus is on committee networking and mobility issues around the semester ticket. So far he has been active as chairman of the StuPa.