SemesterTicket FAQ

General information about the semester ticket can be found here.

1. Why does the circular letter that the university sent out with the re-registration request state a different fee than the one I paid last semester? What am I paying the remaining fee for?

The student body fee is correctly stated on the re-registration request. It includes the fee for the SemesterTicket (which can change every semester). There is an additional contribution fee of 19€ for the student body (AStA, StuPa, FGVen). This can also be used to finance e.g. the DSI or the General University Sports.

2. Do I have to pay 19 € for the student body?

Yes, the amount is obligatory based on §20 NHG from all enrolled students. This finances the student self-administration, which works for the interests of the students and offers services and cultural events.

3. Can I get a refund of the Semesterticket fee?

Yes, the refund of the Semesterticket fee is possible if the criteria of the hardship provison are met. Exceptions are unfortunately not possible. If you exmatriculate during the first four weeks of the lecture period, you will get your entire paid fee back from the Student Services. You can find the application here. If you have any questions, the SemesterTicket Rückerstattungcan also help you.

4. Help, I lost my Semesterticket!

Don’t worry, that’s no problem: Just apply at the Student Services and get a new ticket for 5 €! You can find the application form here.

5. Can I use the Semesterticket during my break semester?

No, because the contracts with the transportation companies dictate that students are not allowed to receive a SemesterTicket during a break semester. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

6. Can I forgo my Semesterticket during the internship semester?

Unfortunately, the current legal situation does not allow you to waive your Semesterticket during your internship semester.

7. Is the SemesterTicket also valid before 9:00am?

Don’t worry, you can aim for the 8:15 lecture: The SemesterTicket can be used around the clock, unlike the Niedersachsen-Länderticket, which is purchased at the counter or ticket machine.

8. There are pre-courses that take place in September, is the SemesterTicket valid then too?

No, unfortunately not. The ticket will only be valid from 01/10. onwards. You will have to buy extra tickets for the time until then.

9. Can I buy this connection ticket in Hamburg now?

Unfortunately, the Semesterticket is now not considered part of the HVV offer due to other contractual partners. This means that it is not possible to use “supplementary tickets”, as we no longer have an HVV card that such a ticket could be applied to. The buses of the KVG Lüneburg are part of the HVV, which is why this contract is with the HVV.

10. But I have to travel regularly in Hamburg, is the discounted seasonal ticket also gone?

The possibility to buy discounted seasonal tickets for students remains. As before, you will need a certificate of eligibility, which will be stamped by the information portal. This certificate is available at all HVV service points or from the HVV-Infoline. 040/19449. If you have issues while trying to buy a seasonal ticket, The following sentence might help: “The University of Lüneburg is registered in the directory of educational institutions at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Crafts.” Hamburger Sozialkarte/Familienpass are also valid for purchase.

11. Can I purchase supplementary tickets for 1st class and/or long-distance travel with my SemesterTicket?

The semester ticket is generally only valid for 2nd class and local transport. Unfortunately, the current legal situation makes it completely impossible for you to purchase supplementary tickets of this kind.

12. What about my children and my bike?

Children up to and including 5 years of age can travel free of charge. Bicycles can only be taken on buses; bus passengers with strollers, walkers, wheelchairs, and the like take priority.

13. Is there a ticket sharing regulation e.g. on weekends for additional people?

Unfortunately no. Only your children up to the age of 5 can travel free of charge. Other people will need a valid ticket.

14. What do I do if I am caught in the Metronom without a photo ID?

It is important that you carry an official photo ID (ID card, driver’s license, or passport) with you and your semester ticket. In case of a ticket inspection, the conductor can also accept another photo ID with your name and photo, if they are is accommodating (e.g. ID from Studio21 or something else). If you do not have a photo ID with you, you will be fined at least 60 Euros. However, this penalty will be reduced if you visit a service point / sales outlet of the Metronom company (see website of Metronom) within 14 days and show your photo ID in combination with the semester ticket there afterwards.

15. Does the alcohol ban of the HVV also apply in the buses of the KVG in the county of Lüneburg from 01/09/2011?

Yes, the alcohol ban applies in the entire HVV and all partner companies of the HVV. Thus, consumption and provision of alcohol are also prohibited on the bus.

16. Why do I pay for the StadtRAD, although I have the same terms of use as everyone else?

To set up the StadtRAD, the student body signed a contract with the city and DB to bring the bike rental system to Lüneburg. The locations were chosen so that students can easily reach the university and the train station So we pay for it because otherwise, the system would not exist. The service includes 30 minutes of free use of the bikes. To avoid the annual fee, you have to register with your e-mail address on the following website: Here you can also find more information about the conditions and registration.

17. How have the semester fees developed in the last years?

WS 2014/15 = 331,16 €

SoSe 2015 = 334,38 €

WS 2015/16 = 329,15 €

SoSe 2016 = 331,70 €

WS 2016/17 = 347,81 €

SoSe 2017 = 348,16 €

WS 2017/18 = 364,33 €

SoSe 2018 = 364,48 €

WS 2018/19 = 352,89 €

SoSe 2019 = 353,09 €

WS 2019/20 = 357,32 €

SoSe 2020 = 357,32 €

WS 2020/21 = 367,35 €

SoSe 2021 = 367,55 €

18. Who can I contact if I have further questions?

The best way is to write an e-mail to the AStA office team!