Your Semesterticket as a 9€ ticket 🚂
As you have surely noticed, there will be the 9-Euro-Ticket for 3 months from June on, with which you can use the public transport all over Germany. 

👉👉 Since you as a student have a semester ticket, you do not need to purchase a 9-Euro-Ticket!

You can use your semester ticket for the months of June, July and August in the entire German ÖPNV.

Since you pay more than 9 Euros per month for your semester ticket, you will even get money back from the AStA at the end of the semester! We will inform you about the details as soon as possible. 💵

At the beginning of each new semester, you receive your own “SemesterTicket”. This ticket enables you to use bus transport in Lüneburg as well as regional trains in all of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) for free – this ensures you always can be on time for your classes and lectures. To finance this, you are required to pay a relatively small contribution fee each semester. The offer is made possible through the solidarity principle, which means that every student pays the fee. For the ticket to be valid, you need both the SemesterTicket and an official photo ID (national ID card, driver’s licence or passport). You must not laminate your SemesterTicket or it becomes invalid.

If you lose your semester ticket (which also has your student ID on the back), you can report this to the students’ services (building 8) and receive a replacement for 5€.

You can find the complete route network here.

Also included in your SemesterTicket are:

  • All busses in the city and county of Lüneburg (operated by KVG)
  • Radspeicher Lüneburg (the bicycle park at the train station). Please note: At the beginning of each semester, you have to obtain a (new) pass at the counter.
  • SemesterTicket Kultur
  • StadtRad Lüneburg

The semester ticket does notcover:

  • HVV network (no busses, underground or commuter trains in Hamburg) – sole exception: S3 commuter train on the route Hamburg Hbf – Stade and S31 Hamburg Hbf – Neugraben)
  • Busses, trams and underground trains in Hanover
  • Interregio Express on the route Hamburg – Lüneburg – Uelzen – Berlin
  • taking your bicycle on the train (permitted on KVG buses, as long as space is available)
  • The train route between Hamburg Hbf and Büchen


Your SemesterTicket (which is also your student ID) is valid only in combination with an official photo ID (national ID card, driver’s licence or passport).

Exempt from paying for the SemesterTicket are, according to our contracts:

  • Students on leave
  • Students on distance-, online- and further learning courses (absence for at least 120 days)
  • Guest auditors
  • Evening course students
  • Severely disabled students (must hold the pass with a valid stamp in accordance with a hardship application)

Hardship cases and refunds

Information about refunds for the SemesterTicket due to hardship cases can be found here.