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My name is Carlotta, I study political science and I am the representative for studies and teaching. This position is an interface between the AStA and Team Uni Quality Management. I deal with topics concerning the quality development of studies and teaching at our university and am responsible for presenting a student perspective. For this purpose, I am in exchange with various committees, student councils, and university bodies.

Personal contact is especially important to me, which is why I am pleased to be able to offer a consultation hour for students. If you have any questions or problems regarding evaluation processes or quality management instruments, please feel free to contact me via email.

You can contact me at .


Dear students,

please provide us feedback about your studies!

Are you studying what really interests you? Do you receive good feedback for your assessments? What do you think of studying online? Which elements of studying online would you like to keep? (Why) are you concerned?

Please help us improve the quality of studies – with your participation in the


Subject of this survey are undergraduate studies at the College in their 4th semester.

You have received your link to your personal survey on 17 May 2021 from the Leuphana Lehrevaluation () via email.

Currently, from 25 May to 15 June 2021, our end of study surveys are also taking place.

Graduates from College, Graduate School and Professional School between October 2020 to April 2021 are being surveyed about the end of their studies under covid restrictions, their future plans and their thoughts about our study culture.

Graduates have received an mail from “Leuphana Lehrevaluation” ( ) with a personal link to the survey on 25 May.

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