SemesterTicket (information for non-German speakers)

At the beginning of the new semester, you receive your personal Semesterticket. The ticket enables you to use the bus transport in Lüneburg as well as regional traffic in all of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) – this ensures you always have the capacity to be on time for your classes and lectures. To finance this you are required to pay a relatively small contribution each semester. The inexpensive offer is enabled via the solidarity principle in which each and every student pays the fee.

Should you lose your semester ticket/student ID, you can file an application with the student service and receive a replacement for 5€. Please find the required form here.

In case you prefer a different ticket, you get the chance to vote for the ticket of your choice once a year. The possible variants are developed by the AStA-spokespersons and the Student Parliament and adopted at a full council meeting prior to the election. You can participate in the development by joining the StuPa and the associated Committee on Transport. Currently we are negotiating to introduce a regional semester ticket for all students in Lower Saxony.
The strike vote deciding about this ticket will presumably take place in November 2017.

The evaluation of the last strike vote in May 2017 showed that the majority of students voted the ticket presented below for the winter semester 2017/18 and summer semester 2018:

Here you will find an FAQ section, answering almost any question regarding the use of your semester ticket. Please visit the FAQ section before writing an E-Mail.
If we cannot answer your question, please contact us:

Here you will find the route network for the winter semester 2017/18.

Transport included (Winter semester 2017/2018)

  • DB Regio
    • Hamburg-Harburg – Stade (S3, S-Bahn Hamburg)
    • Minden (Westf) – Nienburg (Weser) – Rotenburg (Wümme) (RB 76)
    • Bremen – Osterholz-Scharmbeck – Bremerhaven- Lehe (RE 9)
    • Lübeck – Echem – Lauenburg – Lüneburg (RE 83)
    • Uelzen – Schnega (RE 20)
    • Braunschweig – Königslutter – Helmstedt (RB 40)
    • Braunschweig – Königslutter – Schöppenstedt (RB 45)
    • Göttingen – Kreiensen (RB 80/82)
    • Braunschweig Hbf – Sz-Lebenstedt (RB 44)
    • Kreiensen – Seesen – Bad Harzburg (RB 82)
    • Northeim – Bodenfelde (RB 81)
    • Göttingen – Northeim – Walkenried (RB 80/81)
    • Braunschweig Hf – Seesen – Herzberg (Harz) (RB 46)
    • Minden (Westf) – Hannover Hbf – Haste (S1)
    • Nienburg (Weser) – Hannover Hbf – Haste (S2)
    • Hannover Hbf – Lehrte – Hildesheim Hbf (S3)
    • Bennemühlen – Hann./Sarstedt – Hildesheim Hbf (S4)
    • Bad Pyrmont – Hameln/Weetzen – Hannover-Flughafen (S5)
    • Celle – Lehrte – Hannover Hbf (S6/7)
    • Hannover Hbf – Hannover Bismarkstraße (S1/2/3/4/5/21/51)
    • Bremen Hbf – Nienburg (Weser) – Hannover Hbf (RE 1)
    • Osnabrück – Diepholz – Bremen Hbf (RE 9)
    • Norddeich Mole – Bremen Hbf (RE 1, IC/EC)
    • Leer (Ostfr.) – Weener (RB 57, Arriva)


  • erixx
    • Bremen – Soltau – Uelzen
    • Hannover – Soltau – Buchholz
    • Hannover – Bad Harzburg
    • Uelzen – Braunschweig
    • Braunschweig – Bad Harzburg/Goslar
    • Lüneburg – Dannenberg Ost


  • evb
    • Bremerhaven Hbf – Cuxhaven (KBS 125)
    • Bremerhaven Hbf – Buxtehude (KBS 122)


  • metronom (ME) overall network (inkl. ENNO)
    • Hamburg Hbf – Uelzen (RE 3/ RB31)
    • Hamburg Hbf – Tostedt – Rotenburg (Wümme) – Bremen Hbf (RE4/RB41)
    • Hamburg Hbf – Stade – Cuxhaven (RE 5)
    • Uelzen – Hannover Hbf – Göttingen (RE2)
    • Hannover Hbf – Wolfsburg (RE30)
    • Wolfsburg – Braunschweig – Hildesheim (RE50)


  • NordWestBahn (NWB – North-West-Railway) in Lower Saxony
    • Osnabrück – Wilhelmshaven (RE 18)
    • Bremen Hbf – Wilhelmshaven (RE 19)
    • Osnabrück – Bremen Hbf (RB 58)
    • Wilhelmshaven Hbf – Esens (Ostfr) (RB 59)
    • Regio-S-Bahn Bremen/Niedersachsen (RS1-4)
    • Osnabrück Hbf – Dissen/Bad Rothenfelde (RB 75)
    • Hildesheim Hbf – Bünde/Westf (RB 77)
    • Hildesheim Hbf – Bodenburg (RB 79)
    • Holzminden – Kreiensen (RB 84)
    • Ottbergen – Göttingen (RB 85)
  • WestfalenBahn (Westphalia-Train)
    • Emden – Münster (RE 15)
    • Rheine – Braunschweig (RE 60)
    • Bielefeld – Braunschweig (RE 70)
    • Bad Bentheim – Bielefeld (RB 61)

Also included in your semester ticket:
– All busses in the city and district of Lüneburg (KVG)
– Radspeicher Lüneburg (the bicycle park at the train station) Please note: Before your very first issue of the ticket at the beginning of your studies and at the beginning of each semester, you are must to obtain a (new) badge at the counter
– SemesterTicket Kultur (

In addition, the semester ticket is valid for the use of StadtRAD Lüneburg (city bikes).
For further information visit:
The semester ticket does not cover the following:
– HHV overall network (no busses, underground- or commuter trains in Hamburg)
– sole exception: S3 commuter train on the line Hamburg-Harburg–Stade)
– busses, underground trains or street railways in Hannover
– Interregio-Express on the route Hamburg – Lüneburg – Uelzen – Berlin
– the taking of bicycles on the train (permitted on KVG-system buses, as long as space is available)

 Price overview
The price overview below shows the conditions that make the semester ticket possible.

Contribution WiSe ’17/18
StadtRAD (city bike) 1,50 €
SemesterTicket Kultur (Culture semester
2,30 €
(study fee)
17,00 €
metronom 59,55 €
Deutsche Bahn 55,00 €
HVV (KVG-Busse in LG) 18,40 €
NWB 15,25 €
erixx 9,25 €
(bicycle park)
1,25 €
ENNO (Elektro-Netz Niedersachsen-Ost)
(Electro-Net Lower Saxony-East)
0,83 €
7,44 €
evb 1,16 €


189,93 €

Each semester the total contribution fee  is redefined by the StuPa (student parliament) on the basis of the contribution fee regulation
Contribution obligation

As the inexpensive offer is only possible thanks to the solidarity principle, each and every student is required to pay the fee.

Exempted from the contribution are (in accordance with our contracts):

– students on leave – further training, online and distance learning students
– guest auditors
– evening course students
– severely disabled students (must hold pass with a valid stamp in accordance with a hardship application)

Hardship case and refund
For students who cannot afford or use their semester ticket, it is possible claim refund from the student budget. The following cases of hardship apply:
– Following SGB IX, severely disabled students (must hold an official severely disabled person’s pass with valid stamp) have the right to claim free transportation
– severe disability to a degree of at least 50 without distinguishing feature
– care of relatives and legal guardians of severely disabled children
– financial reasons
– health reasons
– maternity protection

The contribution fee for the semester ticket can only be refunded, if at least one of the above mentioned cases of hardship applies. Exceptions to this are not possible.

For further information please click here.

Here, please find the hardship case regulation and detailed information about reimbursement.

In case you have further questions concerning the hardship application, please contact our BAföG- and financial counseller.

Regional semester ticket

At the moment we are negotiating a regional semester ticket for all students in Lower Saxony.
We hope to introduce it by the start of the winter semester 2018/19.

For further information please visit and