Announcement of discrimination
You feel discriminated? Do you experience disadvantage, abasement, debasement, indignity or reduction? You are confronted by  affronts or social injustice?
Then register with us! We are a group of students from the “AStA-referats” “AntiRa” and “QuARG” and we have an open ear for your need of talk about experienced discrimination. We try to help you trustingly. The fact is: discrimination disadvantage and are illegally. They shouldn’t be accepted. Therefore we start this project with a focal point for people with experience of discrimination.
Caution: We are not any qualified psychologists, social workers or adviser of anti-discrimination.
There are four options how the support can pass:
1.    Anonymous: Description of the incident via the online contact form without giving any contact details
3.    Giving contact details in the online registration form and agreeing on email conversation

1.    Giving contact details in the online registration form and agreeing on a conversation in the room C 9.117b (across from PlanB) every Wednesday between 3pm. and 4pm. clock

1.    Open office hours without an appointment in the same room every Wednesday between 2pm. and 3pm clock

Since we are not trained professionals, we though provide no psychological counseling, but have an open ear and can give you the counseling center specifically to your topic. We treat your concern confidentially.

Feel free to tick the boxes, but there is no obligation to do so. Please give as much detailed information as possible to the description of the case.


Who or what is concerned by the discrimination?
the declarant itselfa family member or a relativeorganization/company/clubgroupothersanother person or another group, in fact :

Where did the incident happen (Federal state/village/district)?

What the social sphere, the discrimination took place in?
job or apprenticeship training positionjob search or apprenticeship training searchhabitationsocial assistant officeemployment officealiens departmentpublic healthschoolcollegepolice/justiceretailgastronomy/disco/evening eventleisure timepublic transportsocial servicesmedia: radio/television/print mediainternet/social networksadvertisementpublic roomclubneighborhoodpersonal short range (family/friends/...)nurseryothers, in fact :

Due to which feature, do you think the discrimination took place?

ethnical originoutside appearanceskin colorlanguagenationalityresidence permit statusgenderchildren, wish of children, pregnancysexual identity/orientationfamily statussocial statusagedisabilitychronically sickness/incidentreligion/philosophy of lifeclothingothers, in fact

Description of the case: Where did the incident happen? How has been discriminated against somebody? Who has discriminated against somebody?

Kontaktdaten (Falls Rückmeldung erwünscht)
Sonstige Kontaktdaten:

References to protection of data privacy and to confidentiality

Information and data that you entrust us in the questionnaire, in conversations or e-mails, we treat it as secret and will not be disclosed to third parties. However, we are not legally bound to secrecy as certain professional groups (e.g. doctors). Immediately be put at risk for yourself or others, we are obliged to pass this.
We want to broach the subject of discrimination in the university public, what we want to access the information from the questionnaire. This happens of course in an anonymous form.