Open Spaces

AStA-Wohnzimmer (WoZi)

The WoZi (living room) is in building 9, on the 1st floor. A place to relax and retreat during the day, a place for concerts, jam sessions, or the like in the evenings. Due to the many sofas, it has a cozy atmosphere and the built-in stage and bar offer the perfect basis for your events. You can get more information here.

If you would like to become part of the WoZi and organize jam sessions, please contact the WoZi society. We are always happy to welcome new committed people!

Multifunktionszimmer (MuFuZi)

Also on the 1st floor of building 9 is the MuFuZi. As the name suggests, it is multifunctional! You can use the room as you like! Most of the time there are a few sofas, tables and chairs in there, so it’s good for group work. But there have also been several art exhibitions or get-togethers there. In general, the MuFuZi is always open to everyone, but for special meetings or events, you need to book it at the office service at.


It is not easy to describe PlanB, because it is very multifaceted and dynamic. It’s best to think of it as a free space, a student initiative with common goals, and a platform for promoting art and culture.

PlanB is a free space on campus for the campus: You can relax here, meet friends, and escape from the daily university routine! Here you can find coffee, comfortable sofas, a bed, and music – the best conditions to recharge your batteries!

More at and on Facebook

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