SemesterTicketKultur & FreiKarte

No plans for tonight and fancy a trip to theater? End of the month, but you still want to see the new special exhibition? Would you rather enjoy a Christmas concert than freeze outside? No problem – with the SemesterTicketKultur and the FreiKarte!

The SemesterTicketKultur

If you want to go to the theater or museum in Lüneburg but are short of money, you’re in luck. Because the Semesterticket is also a culture ticket! Simply show your Semesterticket to the ticket office and go to the exhibition for free or pick up free remaining tickets for events half an hour before the performance starts.

Current partners are:

  • Theater Lüneburg GmbH
  • theater im e.novum
  • Thomas Ney.Theater
  • Museum Lüneburg
  • Deutsches Salzmuseum/Museumsstiftung Lüneburg
  • Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum
  • St. Johannis-Kirchengemeinde Lüneburg
  • St. Michealis-Kirchengemeinde Lüneburg
  • St. Nicolai-Kirchengemeinde Lüneburg
  • Halle für Kunst e.V.
  • Literaturbüro Lüneburg e.V. / Literarische Gesellschaft Lüneburg e.V.
  • BachChor Lüneburg e.V.
  • JazzIG e. V.

The SemesterTicketKultur is only valid in combination with a valid photo ID and may not be passed on to others.

The FreiKarte

In addition to the SemesterTicketKultur, there is another welcome gift for all first-year students at the start of their studies: the FreiKarte! This gives you free admission to over 42 museums and theaters in the city of Hamburg from October 1 to January 31.

Similar to the SemesterTicketKultur Free admission to all exhibitions as well as remaining tickets at events half an hour before the performance begins. But please note: premieres and special events are excluded.

Further information and a daily calendar of events can be found at

How is that possible?

2,10€ of the semester fee make it possible.

Would you like to help with organizing this or do you have further questions?