SemesterTicket Refunds

Notice: Our team is working hard on processing each application. The process can take up to a couple weeks. As soon as your applicaiton is processed you will receive notification via mail – please be patient in the meantime. Thank you!

For students who cannot afford or use their SemesterTicket, it is possible to claim a refund out of the student budget. The following cases of hardship apply:

1. Following SGB IX, severely disabled students (must hold an official severely disabled person’s pass with a valid stamp) have the right to claim free transportation
2. Severe disability to a degree of at least 50 without distinguishing feature.
3. Care of relatives and legal guardians of severely disabled children
4. Financial reasons
5. Health reasons
6. Materny leave
7. Stay outside of the area of validity (Lower Saxony and Bremen) for at least 120 days

– after the application has been approved, the SemesterTicket needs to be returned and is made invalid.

The money for the SemesterTicket can only be refunded if at least on case of hardship applies. Exceptions are unfortunately not possible. You can find the hardship provision here. Please make sure that you submit your application on time and completely and, if necessary, keep to the 14-day deadline for submitting additional documents. Otherwise your applications cannot be considered!

Furthermore, we would like to point out that “absence due to Covid-19” is no longer a reason for refund in WiSe 22/23. Please always fill out the current version of the hardship application.

Application deadlines for the SemesterTicket are 30 November for the winter semester and 31 May for the summer semester. (For refund reasons 3 “Care of relatives and legal guardians of severely disabled children”, 5 “health reasons” and 6 “materny leave”, extended deadlines apply: 31 March [WiSe] and 30 September [SoSe]. More details can be found in the hardship provision).

If you have questions about the hardship application, please contact our service for SemesterTicket refunds.