Society for student employees

Do you work at the university? Are you a tutor, SHK, or WHK? But what concrete rights do you have as an employee? What happens if your contract does not arrive on time? Do you have to work on your private laptop? What can you do if you are dissatisfied with your employment relationship or have the feeling that you are being exploited?

For these and all other questions that you carry around with you on this topic, we are here to help. In addition to information on the topic of student employees, we network with various political groups on as well as off-campus. We also cooperate with the trade unions for education and science (GEW) and ver.di, which are responsible for us.

With the autonomous society StuBe a permanent and institutionally anchored contact point for student employees, their networking, support, and organization has been created.

We offer you open consultation for all your questions about your employment status: Every Tuesday during the summer semester from 9 to 10am
via Zoom. Room 994 869 6978 Password: 774908

You can also reach us via email: .

We also keep you informed via Instagram (@stube.lg).

For this purpose, we have created a Telegram group that we use for information and exchange. Note that this is a public group; please be responsible for personal information. Here is the link:

Everyone is also welcomed to be part of the autonomous society and to contribute with your ideas for the interests of student employees!