State- & Nationwide Network

We have already explained in other places on this website that the AStA of the University of Lüneburg is there to stand up for the interests of the students at the university and therefore, in addition to the establishment of various societies and service companies, among other things, is also in constant conversation with the presidium, therefore actively working to improve the conditions for students at Leuphana University.

However, the goal of making student life as pleasant as possible and improving structural conditions at universities cannot always be achieved by political regimentation to represent a necessary change at an individual university…

To improve structural conditions, our AStA is therefore also involved in overarching committees. This is important in order to be able to achieve things at the state and federal level and to be heard there. Only in this way can we come closer to the goal of more student-friendly studies and ensure that our impulses are included in political decision-making processes.

Membership at the LandesAStenKonferenz:

As AStA of the University of Lüneburg, we are part of the LandesAStenKonferenz (LAK), which is an association representing the students of Lower Saxony Among other things, the LAK deals with Lower Saxony-wide political events that affect students or the responsibility of science. In addition, the legislation of the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act is regularly amended and critically evaluated from the perspective of the students and the non-existent parity between the different status groups. You can find out more about the LAK here and on Instagram.

Daryoush Danaii is delegated for the AStA of the University of Lüneburg and currently one of the coordinators. Contact at:

Membership at fzs

The AStA is one of about 80 members in the fzs.

The abbreviation stands for freien Zusammenschluss von studentInnenschaften e.V (free association of student bodies) and is the non-partisan umbrella organization of student representatives in Germany andrepresents the social, cultural, political, and economic interests of students nationwide in front of universities, politics, and the public.

Through the cooperation between the students’ unions of several universities, the fzs represents about 850,000 students in Germany and tries to bring the jointly developed positions into the political discussion and decision-making processes and thus bring about the implementation of various (university) policy improvements.

The current objectives of the fzs include, for example:

  • • a legally and financially secured student representation at universities,
  • • student participation in all higher education policy decisions at the university, state, and national levels,
  • • free access to education,
  • • a need-based coverage of students independent of the income of their parents,
  • • the dismantling of discrimination in the education system and society,
  • • a critical examination of science and society,
  • • student solidarity work and international student networking.

Also, the fzs is a member of the European Students’Union (ESU), to act Europe-wide and thus bring about long-term and comprehensive improvements.

If you want to learn more about the free federation of student bodies, you can do so at If you prefer haptically prepared information to digital ones, you will find a selection of flyers in front of the AStA office of our university (building 9, 1st floor).

Also, the membership meetings, as well as the AStA and StuPa meetings, are open to the public. So if you want, you can come and see the whole thing in person. Since they take place alternately at the different universities of the members, it is best to look up the date and place online.

Membership at the AS:

TheStudent Body Committee (Ausschuss der Student*innenschaften – short AS) is elected by the General Assembly (MV) of the fzs.

The AS is the highest decision-making body of the fzs between the general meetings and usually meets monthly. The Student Body Committee takes care of the financial issues and the exchange with the Executive Board as well as the delegation to European bodies, furthermore the AS forms a controlling body.

The meetings of the AS are also public and can be attended by students.

Further information about the AS can be found at:*innenschaften

ESU membership

As a member of the fzs, our university is also represented on a European level. As part of the European Students’ Union (ESU).

ESU is the umbrella organization of the European students’ unions and represents more than eleven million students on a European level. As a political body, ESU focuses on the protection of the educational, social, economic, and cultural interests of students. It therefore represents students at the European level and tries to advocate for student issues with European and international institutions such as the Council of Europe, the EU, or UNESCO.

Additionally, ESU organizes seminars and workshops for its members and student representatives and acts as an information and networking platform between the individual member countries (currently 38 are represented in ESU).

Further information about the European Students’ Union can be found at