About us

We are the AStA – that’s short for Allgemeinen Student*innenausschuss, the General Students’ Committee. According to the Lower Saxony University Act, we are there to represent your cultural, social, and (university) political interests.
But what does that mean exactly and what is it that we’re doing?

In a nutshell: We offer help around your studies and advocate for your interests. We organize cultural events such as concerts, readings, parties, cinema and theater performances, deal with political issues, and take care of important services related to your studies.

What does the AStA offer?

We help you wherever we can. At Konrad you can repair your bike, at EliStu you get support if you are or want to become a parent, there is free BAföG, financial and legal advice, at the office service you can borrow dishes, a megaphone and (sometimes) even a bus and at Ton & Licht speakers for your events. Furthermore, the AStA organizes your SemesterTicket, which is valid in all of Lower Saxony, and the SemesterTicket Kultur, with which you can visit various cultural events in Lüneburg for free. We are also happy to help you if you have questions or problems regarding your rights as a student, for example during exams. Besides, we organize the Ersti-Party and the AStA SommerOpen Air every year. And along the way, we run events on political topics throughout the year, as well as films, concerts and jam sessions, critical campus tours, radio shows, and theater performances.

However, a large part of our work helps you rather indirectly: We are in exchange with the presidium and the university administration and thus try to achieve, for example, more student free spaces, … and thus actively shape the campus, the university, and teaching.

How is the AStA organized?

The AStA is part of the student body and is elected by the StuPa. It consists of the spokespersons, the personnel and finance departments, and several societies that are responsible for different areas. In addition, there are service departments. Every Wednesday at 14:30 the AStA meeting takes place, to which all students are cordially invited.

You want to stay up to date on what is happening in the AStA?

Then subscribe to our newsletter on myStudy or write an e-mail to or just come by and let us put you on the AStA mailing list. New faces are always welcome! You can find us at:
Instagram: astaunilueneburg
Facebook: asta.lueneburg
Telegram: astanews